Roos or Hens?


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7 Years
Apr 9, 2012
New to the BYC community and looking for some sage advice...We brought home 7 chickens mid-June (told they were a few months old at the time); it was supposed to have been a 6 hen:1 roo breakdown. As they've gotten older, we have started to suspect we actually have 3 roos. We know that the buff orpington in the background of the photos is a roo, but we aren't sure about our RIR and our "mystery" white chicken (if anyone knows the breed, we'd love that info too!). Only the two Ameraucanas are laying at this point, we are hoping the Australorp and Isa Brown start laying soon. As far as behavior goes, I've only seen/heard the BO crow and mount the hens. The other two in question are just members of the group and don't display any truly obvious roo characteristics in their behavior. They all seem to get along fine obvious chicken conflict at this point, but that may be because they're still relatively young? Any help would be much appreciated!


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