Roos or pullets, and also breed?? **PICS INCLUDED***


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May 15, 2009
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I have four, 8 week old chicks that I am curious to see what sex they are. I have my suspicions but I'll wait to see if I am right (I am new to this so I am probably all wrong!!) Their mother is a GLW (I think) at least the hen that sat on them is a GLW so I am thinking they are all the same as she is. Take a look and let me know which are roos and which are pullets. Thanks

First we have Sprinkles on the left and JayJay on the right:

Another Sprinkles pic:

Another JayJay pic:

Next is Cupcake who I believe is a hen:

And finally Chip-who I think is a roo:
I am new to chickens as well but I would guess Sprinkles is a possible Roo and the others are pullets...Just a guess and could be wrong but from what I have read by 8weeks comb is usually pretty pink or even red and wattles are usually noticable....wish I could be more help maybe someone else with more experience will chime in.
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#1 looks like roo on left and pullet on right
#2 roo
#3 pullet
#4 pullet
# 5 roo
Sorry, I am not an expert but that's how it looks to me! Hopefully someone with a better eye will chime in soon!
Thanks guys-can you tell my daughter named them? After cupcakes, sprinkles, and chocolate chips? Do you really think Chip is a pullet? He/she is MUCH bigger than the rest...

And do you think they are all GLW or mutts?
Ok now I'm not sure about Chip upon further inspection.
I imagine that's why I don't try to guess, I just wait for the crow

As for breed, I have no clue, sorry.

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