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Mar 17, 2016
From my 12 teens, it looks like two are going to be roosters. One is a red sexlink the other is a black sexlink. Through your own
experiences, is one of these preferrable to keep over the other. The red is more confident and more pushy, the black is
more docile. I don't know what qualities are better for the welfare of the flock. They are almost 3 months old now so not sure
when their true, complete self will emerge.Thank you for any insights. Kathy
Is the red sex link mostly white and the black sex link barred?
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the red sex link is completely red and the black sex link is solid black with some golden tone on his chest. I have 3 barred rock
chicks, he does not look like them
The red sex ink sounds more like a production red. Red sex link pullets are red with white tipped wings and tails. Red sex link cockerels are white with red shoulders.

Can you post a picture of the black sex link? Black sex link pullets are black with varying amounts of red in the hackles and chest, similar to what you are describing. Black sex link cockerels are barred.
In my own personal opinion i would keep the more docile roo. In fact one of mine turned out to be a roo. Hes staying (if hes not crazy loud) because hes calm and docile. He is HUGE. At 4 months old hes already around 5 pounds and he watches after the girls well yet i can easily handle him. Ive had young roos in the past (i havent kept) because they would bite me if i picked up one of my girls or even got close to one. At 3 months old he chased me everytime i fed and bit me. He was NOT docile and i did not want to be bit everytime i came around! My current roo although hes HUGE, hes NEVER bit me once! Hes already keeping fights down between the girls, protecting them, yet allows me to hold have to do whats best for you and your family but personally, id keep the docile one any day. Being docile toward you does NOT mean he wont care for the girls and look after them. It just means hes not agressive toward you or your girls. He can still do a fine job of protecting your flock. I do hope this helps. Others might disagree but this is my opinion from the experiences ive had with both roo types. What ever type you choose i wish you the best.
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