Roost alternative?


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My Coop
My Coop
Here's a picture of the interior of our coop, based roughly on the Witchita Coop design. The lower roost is about 28" from the top of the litter, the upper roost is 41". The upper roost sits back along the back wall and the lower roost is more forward. We have 4 hens. The footprint is fairly limited so adding an additional roost doesn't seem practical. We may build a ladder design with more and lower rungs to replace the roosts we have. View attachment 2807329

That's not unlike the interior of my Little Monitor Coop. I've got a Brahma, the one in my avatar, who doesn't fly well so she sleeps on the floor. I can't really do anything about it in the current setup so I don't worry about it -- at least she's not in the nestbox -- but in the new coop I will have a ladder-style roost and a ramp up to the nestbox -- since I'll probably always have a Brahma or two in the flock and since the Marans are going to be big girls too.

Is it possible to put a ramp in on the right-hand side of that photo? Or, maybe, something more like steps?

You could make a temporary set of steps with blocks or chunks of logs to see if it works before building the final version.


May 20, 2020
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Here's our fix. We'll see if it's enough. Before on the left, after on the right.
We lowered both roosts, the bottom one about 4", the top one 6". If necessary we'll add an even lower step or ramp. Thanks for everyone's help.

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