Roost and poop board placement in coop

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    This is my coop. 6 x 6 base. Short side (left in view) is 4 ft tall, tall side (right in view) is 6 ft tall. I'm thinking of placing the roost on the left side, since the the large door doesn't extend that far over. So, the wall tops out at 4 ft - and I'm getting Black Australorps, Marans and Delawares (2 each). Do I need more than that one roost for 6 birds that size?

    1 - How much head room does the roost need?

    2 - how far below it does the poop board need to be?

    3 - does it matter how far over the floor the poop board is?

    I have been spending SO MUCH time on this board, reading up on ideas for things, immersing my self in all things chicken, this is so much fun, and educational too!

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    One roost would work fine for your six birds. They need about a foot per chicken. I like to have about 15 to 16 inches of room from the roost to the ceiling. Poop boards are in the range of 4 to 8 inches below the roost. On your third question I think no to be the answer, but the poop board should be 24 to 32 inches wide, centered on the roost, bigger birds need more room, so as they hit the poop board.

    You want the nesting boxes to be lower than the roost, so as to not let them roost in the nest, and soil it. Looks like you have things pretty well covered.

    Best to you and your birds,


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