Roost design in my eggmobile


13 Years
Jun 8, 2007
Western PA
I have an eggmobile built on a running gear that measures 16X20.

I built one of these ( ) as a prototype for the other 7 I will need to make the walls solid nestboxes. All except for 4-5 inches sits outside of the coop under the eves of the roof. I need to design roosts for the maximum number of chickens. They only go in here at night, they free range. I pull the eggmobile with a tractor (ala Joel Salatin) 2 days behind the cows. I had ladder style roosts in there that won't work well with the nest boxes and I wasn't thrilled with anyway. I would love to have some kinda poop tray under them that I could clean out and take to the compost pile or the field but I'm not good at designing things at all. Right now it mostly falls through to the pasture but I could really use it on the fields or in the high tunnel.



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