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Jun 2, 2014
We just added this roost for our Guinea's. They seem to love it. The problem is the poop board is also their play area. So they go down and dig around in the sand and then the ones up top poop on them or they step in the fresh poop. It is very gross. Not exactly sure if I should use wire cloth and make it so they cant get in there or if I should just let it be. They are not free ranging right now but will eventually. thoughts on this from experienced people! Thanks!

This might be too much work, but I suggest moving either the play area or the roosts away from each other. I have had a similar problem. I have 5 Guinea's and they poop, ALOT. So I had to move the roosts away from the top of the nesting box's top board. That solved the poop problem.

I'm having the same problem. Since I'm using an 8' x 10' metal shed for the coop, I'm having to make the floor area work for me. A four foot high by 30" jalousie window will be taking up part of the 8 foot side of the wall, that I plan on using for the roost.

I don't want the chickens to play in their poop, (and they will if left to it) so I found this image and will work from there. As you see in the image, the main portion of the poop is inside the wired off area. I'm leaning toward a tray under the roost I can pull out and clean.

Edit: This is not my image. The info for this image said: Chicken Roost Photo by clayhollowfa...
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My birds walk on, and roost on, the poop boards all the time.
I don't worry much about it but do sift off the poops every other day.

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