Roost in brooder (pic heavy!)


8 Years
May 5, 2011
Western NC
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My Coop
My ingenious husband devised a way for our peeps to have a roost in the brooder and they love it!





And sometimes they like to use it as a launching pad to get to the rim. They are very tame birds.
That's a cool idea for a brooder. You've used a large dog crate and then just clamped the top and bottom end to end? I knew folks were using their dog crates as brooders but wasn't quite sure how. Very nice and ingenious way to implement the crate and fashion a functional roost. My babies are just about 10 days old now and are asking for a roost every day. Unfortunately, their mom is not too clever and we're using a clear plastic bin so I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on.
Good job on yours!
You are right, two pieces clamped together, and we made a screen cover that we now roll back - they are thrilled when they hear the screen roll - flying and jumping up on the roost. But they will soon outgrow this! They grow so fast, it's amazing. I think you can also put large twigs or branches in the brooder and they will roost on those. I do know that ours LOVE the height.

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