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    Mar 23, 2011
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    Does anyone have or know anyone that has a roost built in the corner of the coop instead of going across the lenght of it? My coop is 6'x4' and when I built my nest boxes I didn't leave enough room to attach the roost on one side. so I figured i could make a multi level roost built into the corner. So instead of a single 6' roost there would be 2 or 3 roosts 3' long. Just looking for some pros and cons. Thanks.
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    My banty roost is horizontal due to space issues also. I've run it from the stud in the middle of the wall to the stud at the chicken door.They're not big enough to use it yet so I'm interested in reading the responses you get. The big girl roost goes horizontally across the roost but it's very high. The biggest con I could think of would be cutting triangle poop boards!
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    They won't care. They will squabble over who gets the highest one -- but they squabble over who roosts where anyway.
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    I had some chickens roosting in a corner roost in a shed that was about 2-3 ft long. it worked out ok, they didn't like roosting at the very end much because of the tight angle near the wall. The last ones on the roost would roost facing the corner, but I don't know as they minded this. I have never tried a multi level roost and have been curious how chickens like it. Based on other threads I've read, you may want all the roosts higher than the nestbox, to prevent them from roosting in nestbox.
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    Quote:Cons: be hard to use a droppings board if you ever want to. Takes up a lot more coop space (intrudes into the middle of the coop more, I mean). And if by "corner" you mean running diagonally between adjacent walls, remember the chickens won't be able to use the very ends of the roost too well b/c of how the wall will slant in.

    Pros: I'm not sure there are any, unless you MUST do that to avoid running a roost right over the food/water in a situation where a droppings board is not possible; or unless you have an awkward-to-winter-ventilate coop and have to have the roosts all at one end. I mean, you certainly can put in your roosts any way you want but IMHO a single long one is usually better, or at least if you have parallel ones make as few as possible and have them parallel to the wall, not diagonal (if that was what you meant)

    If your problem is that you have no wall space to attach one end of the roost b/c there is a door opening up right there, it's quite easy to make a vertical prop to hold up that end of the roost. Piece of 2x4 sticking up on end from the floor, with angle brackets for stability, or something like that.

    JMHO, good luck, have fun,


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