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    So, I have read that the roost needs to be higher than the nest boxes, so they hens won't roost on top of the boxes. Is this also the case if the nest boxes are external? Mine will be open, obviously, to the inside of the coop, but the actual tops of the nest boxes are outside, so do I still need to worry about the height? I only ask because my brother is building the coop for me and he wanted to do 2 rows of nest boxes, one on top of the other- but I think that would make the top row pretty high, and I don't know that I could have the roosts higher. Would it be ok if the roosts were at a similar height to the top row of nest boxes, since there is no top to roost on, or will they "roost" inside or at the front edges of the nest boxes? Also- just a random question to throw in here- do you use 2x4s for roosts wide or skinny-side up? Do you have to round the edges?
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    Quote:My roosts are about even with my nest boxes which are also on the outside of my coop. They may be a bit higher, but not much. The 2X4s for roosts are wide side up so they can sit over the tops of their feet and keep them warm and such in winter and also because they don't really use their feet to grip like parrots and other birds do. They just settle down on top of them and roost that way.
    The edges on mine are not rounded and they do fine, but it won't hurt anything to round the edges slightly.
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    Chickens tend to want to roost at the highest point. If your nest boxes are higher, they may decide to make those their roosting spot, thus messing them all up with poop. To keep your nest boxes, and thus your eggs, clean, place the boxes lower than the roost.
    Two by fours work well with the flat side up and slightly rounded and sanded.

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