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Apr 12, 2017
College Station, TX
I've put the roost bars pretty high up. About 3 feet off the floor. They are about a foot above the nest boxes which have a shelf covering them, Do you think the chickens will have an easy enough time getting up there? First pic is view from where the hens will come in and out. The second is from the roost bar height.


What breeds of chicken do you plan on having? Chickens can fly three feet (at least), if they want to, so it is likely that your chickens will be fine with roosts that high. Some may not put the effort into flying, and some may use the nest boxes as platforms/intermediate steps to get onto the roosts, too. The only problem that can arise with higher roosts is heavy birds injuring their legs/feet as they jump down. If you put plenty of bedding on the floor, though, that shouldn't be a problem.
@BantamLover21 We have 12 chickens that are 6 weeks old. Half will stay in a coop we already have. The other half will stay in this one. We have the following chicks.

2 Gold Sex Link
3 Ameraucana/EE's
2 Barred Rock
1Black Sex Link
1Buff Brama
1 Wyandotte
1 Leghorn
1 Polish Bantam

The coop we have already is a prefab 6 chicken coop kit. This one is an old kids playhouse I'm converting. The roost bars in the other coop are easily accessible. Which chickens would you suggest in each coop? Thanks for the help!

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