Roost question for silkies

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    My first winter with silkies and just wondering what people are doing to make them comfortable for winter. (cold MN winters [​IMG] )

    Right now I have a 1"x6" on edge for them to roost.

    Do they want/like nesting boxes? If so, how high? I've never seen them get higher than the 6" roost so I can't imagine them jumping up into a standard height nesting box.
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    Oct 17, 2009
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    Hi we live in florida and my neighbor as a lento type coop which is off the ground about 4 ft she has a ramp that they run up and roost inside of the lento. It was to be closed off but due to our lovely weather lately she hasn't been able to. But her 8 little silkies climb the ramp and rest up on the roostin sticks which if you measured from ground to it is nearly 5' but she has a floor under the roosts so if someone does get knocked off they only fall 8" at max. Hope it helps.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    I have a 2x4 across the bottom of the coop for them to roost on.Some do and some dont roost there.
    And as far as the nest boxes.
    I find stacking bins at yard sales and buy them for my silkies to lay in, and I just put them in the botom of the coop.
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