roost setup with a concrete floor?

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    We have always built roosts out of large branches/small logs in a ladder-type arrangement. Our new chicken house has a concrete floor and no exposed beams or studs. We will have at least 25 chickens in there, with some heavy ones like cochins and orpingtons. I am just not seeing in my head how this will work with no way to attach the roosts to the floor for support... I am imagining a LOT of weight on the roosts so i don't think a nail-it-to-the-wall-and -call-it-good approach will work.

    Should I build a free-standing support of some kind? Or maybe put the supports along the side walls diagonally and then attach them to that? That still doesn't seem like enough support, we always put our supports under the middles of the roosts, not just at the ends. LOL help me compute this in my head.
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    I've always had the roosts attached to the studs, even in the walk-in coops. If your coop is so long that you need extra support for the roost in the middle, you can always add a section of 2x4 underneath. At one point I also tied a mid-roost support to the wall in the middle, when I had roosts along a 10' wall.

    You can also firm up the support with metal braces, if you want. Or small pieces of wood. Just to make sure it doesn't wobble.

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