Roost spacing/measurement question

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    We are pretty close to starting to frame our coop (if it would ever stop snowing), but still have one question I have not found an answer to about roost placement: how far out from the wall do you place the roosts? And if you have two roosts parallel to each other, how far apart do you place them? In our 8 x 10 coop, we will have one 6' length of roost on the south wall, and two 5' parallel lengths of roost on the north wall, with the one closer to the wall about 10 inches higher than the other (kind of like a slanted ladder). I've seen pictures of coops that have this type of arrangement, but I can't figure out how far apart to put those two roosts. I don't want the lower birds to get pooped on. I will have some sort of droppings board under the lower roost to catch droppings from both roosts.

    We have some of the larger/heavier birds - RIR, Black Star (soon to get some Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks), so the roosts won't be too high off the ground - the lower one will probably be around 30 inches or so - does that sound right? I don't want any leg injuries when they jump down.

    Thanks so much! Everyone on here is so helpful - it is much appreciated.
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    My coop has two parallel roosts @ 30" off the floor. One is 12" from the wall and the next is 18" from that one. Both are at the same height, so nobody gets to fight over who gets the top roost. I have Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons. Pretty good sized birds. @ 18" between roosts, they can't reach each others' butts to pick feathers.[​IMG]
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    May 24, 2007
    Some of my roosts are the ladder style and it works very well. The highest roost is closest to the wall and it's about 12" from the wall. That way, when they poo, it doesn't hit the wall.

    The lower one is only 8" out from the higher roost. I've never seen poop on any chickens so it must be working fine.

    The height of your roosts sounds fine (mine are much higher - up to 8 feet off the floor - but I have a ramp they can walk up and down and a shelf that they get on and off when getting onto my roosts.) the more critical question is.... are your roosts higher than your nest boxes? You want to make sure that they are so you don't end up with chickens roosting in your nest boxes.
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    In my research I've found the same recommendation: 12-18" from the wall, and spaced 18" apart for large breeds. I'm planning mine to be all on the same level to avoid conflict (what can I say, I'm a old liberal, I like to promote equality and consensus policies). But this is the best advice of all the chicken books, web sites, etc. that I have looked at. I think, in fact, that they will do fine whatever you do... my chickens before didn't seem to care that their roosts were haphazardly placed, spaced, etc.

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    Quote:I wasn't sure how far apart they should be. I measured my chickens to find out.[​IMG] For the height, I kept raising it until they couldn't reach it anymore and then backed off a few inches.

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