Rooster and hens behavior question here!!!

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6 Years
Sep 29, 2013
My one rooster and 5 hens are 15 wks old and live together in a large coop and attached pen. My rooster gets up first and the first hen to exit into the pen gets picked on by him. Now all the hens seem to stay on the roost for a good long time in the morning!!!No on seems to want to deal with "boss" in the morning because he bullys them by chasing and grabbing at their feathers.

Is this normal? Any suggestions to make a better morning for my little hens? He jumps down and exits when I open the door to the coop. At that time I put food in the pen and one scoop inside the coop. The girls keep sitting. He doesn't appear hungry just nasty in the A.M.

Thank you for any input.
Young cockerels tend to start feeling the hormonal urges at a younger age than young pullets start to reach sexual maturity -- this can lead to the scenario you are seeing. Your cockerel is starting to practice sexual advances and, since the pullets are not yet ready to accept them, it tends to be a very unromantic event between them. The chasing and grabbing is part of his early attempts at mating behaviors. Unless you are seeing actual serious injury/damage, there isn't anything to *worry* about.
Cockrels in a flock of various aged birds tend to learn about polite behavior from the older hens, but in your group that's not happening. In future years your young guys will get attitude adjustment therapy from the older ladies, and things will probably go better. Mary
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