Rooster Attack while trying to mate

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    I had 2 roosters about 6 months old, Spanky (EE) and Spike (Wellsummer). While Spanky was trying to mate, Spike would go and attack him. When I came home today, after running to the store, Spanky had gotten his head torn off, by the dogs I'm guessing. The chicken run is side by side to the back yard where the dogs are.

    Now, I have noticed that my other Rooster, Frenchie (silkie) is getting treated the same way by Spike. I am going to separate my silkies from the rest of the flock tomorrow due to his behavior.

    My question is:

    Is Spike just a "greed" Rooster or is this normal behavior for a dominant rooster.

    I have a ratio of 35 hens to 2 roosters, all around 5/6 months old.
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    It's perfectly normal. Part of being the alpha is that your genes get passed on, not someone else's. So the alpha's job is to prevent subordinate males from mating. I've had older roosters literally body check a subordinate rooster off a hen--that's caused the sub rooster to fly a good 4 feet straight up in the air!

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