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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by friendlyearth, Aug 21, 2016.

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    We've always had pretty docile roosters until now. I read the rooster behavior article in the learning center and understand that our others were carried a lot by our daughter and this one has not been carried as much (Daughter moved out recently). Rooster sees me as a threat, but not my husband or daughter (when she is around). He jumps at my leg. I am not out there very often, but the rooster has been known to jump at me when I am getting into my car and when I am letting them out of the cop because my husband is out of town or something. He is a very protective rooster and may have saved the hens from an eagle, but I cannot stand him! I have no interest in carrying him around. I just want him to leave me alone. I assume he would treat others the same way if we want to go out of town and have someone let out and lock up the birds and I can't have that.

    Ideas please! We took him from someone who couldn't have him in the city because he crows a lot!
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    I agree that he will attack anyone that shows up, and getting him to avoid you won't fix that problem. Invite him to dinner, or send him to someone else's crock pot, before someone is injured. Mary
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    You don't have a lot of options. Retraining can be done but only if you are prepared to put a huge amount of time into carrying him around daily for a long time. It still won't likely help when a stranger turns up to do them when you are away.

    If a small child gets attacked by him he could do serious damage.

    Your option if you don't want to commit all that time is to Rehome (while letting them know he isn't friendly and will attack) and he will most probably end up in a pot or put him down yourself.

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