Rooster behavior?

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    Mar 13, 2009
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    Our 6 chickens are 10 weeks and we are pretty sure that our SLW, Abigail, is a roo, as "her" comb and wattle turned red really early and legs are thick and short and body size is larger than others. But since "she" hasn't crowed yet, we are still holding out hope. Its our BR we are now wondering about. Flick doesn't show any physical signs of being a roo but Abigail is always running up to her and they are chest bumping, for lack of a better term. Abigail does this to a couple of others, but only Flick postures back.
    Is this behavior of two roosters or just a bossy one?

  2. Sounds like you have Abigail pegged. Face color is one of the first indications. Usually at that age, pullets are just as rambunctious as the cockerals, so that may not have anything to do with anything. Big changes comming in the next few mos. Pullets will color up in the face shortly before they start to lay........Pop

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