Rooster being atacted by hens???

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    My friend has a Barred rock rooster that is in a pen with 3 hens 2 silver laced and a speckeld sussex he is being mobbed by them all the time to the point where his hind end is missing all the feathers and the "meat" is extremely red and irratted looking. Has anyone had this happen? What can be done to stop it? Besides getting rid of him or the girls?
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    Where do you think the term "hen-pecked" comes from?

    Sounds like the roo might be paying too much "attention" to his hens, and they're tired of it.

    If your friend really wants to keep the roo, he can be put in a separate pen. Or, more hens would spread out his "attention".

    It doesn't sound like the roo is around for breeding, so he would be the most likely to be removed, if any were to go. A roo isn't needed for hens to lay eggs, only to fertilize them.
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