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Jun 23, 2011
I got some chicks from a hatchery a couple months ago, I forget the date, but I can find it if any of you need it, just ask. I ordered all females, two red sex links, two rhode island reds, one barred plymouth rock, and one partridge plymouth rock. A couple weeks ago one of the sex links got sick and died, and just a few days ago when I got back from dropping my brother off at college I noticed that one had a huge comb, 3-5 times bigger then the rest, and seamed to be the head of the flock, and had a bigger tail, had a different body shape, and was just bigger all together. The people who watched my chickens while I was gone have been in chickens for 14 years, and they thought he was a cockerel too. When got back I ran out of the car (it was night) and went to check on my little darlings (Chickens) to make sure they all survived while I was gone. I turned on the lamp I had in there (for cold nights, since they still are young) They all were there, and I went to pet one, a Rhode Island Red, and it BIT me. No it didn't peck, it BIT. I still have a mark a couple nights later. It bit me twice, but I only have one mark. It had swelled up. The next day I went out with gloves and went to hold the biting chicken, but it didn't even try to bite or peck or scratch me. I took of the gloves and it seamed happy enough, except it wanted to be with the rest of the chickens. The next morning I went to let them out, and he came up to me, I just thought he wanted to get out, so I went to pet him, and he bit me again. I got another mark, which then swelled up, but went away after a few hours. This morning when my mom went out to let the chickens in their run, he bit her too, and kept trying.

He seams okay during the day, just at night and in the morning. Is he just protecting his girls, or was he scared, or what? I would LOVE to have a rooster, but my mom doesn't want me to have one if he is going to crow all day and night (which only once in a while I hear of a wonderful rooster who only crows when he or his girls are being threatened, or when he finds food). I doubt he will be quiet though. I only want a rooster if he is going to be nice. I'm thinking of taking him to a place I know of where you give them your chicken, and they will sell it for you, and send you the money. If any of you have had a rooster or chicken that bit you, could you tell me what you did? I wouldn't mind having him if he only bit during the night and morning, because he might be able to protect my hens against any raccoons, but I don't know if the raccoon will just tear off his head...

I don't know really what I should do. I love my rooster, and all of my hens, I got them as pets (a mistake maybe?) and have had them since they were 2 or 3 days old.

If you need any more info just tell me and I will gladly give it to you!
He sounds young to be getting aggressive. Are you old enough that you feel you can safely protect yourself? There are lots of techniques for training roosters if you are old enough and experienced training other animals that may or may not work depending on the animal and your ability. For example, at the slightest sign of aggression, if you can approach and grab hold of the roo safely (wear long pants, closed shoes, heavy denim shirt, gloves, etc.) you can gently but firmly push his back down to the ground and also push down their neck until they submit. If you do this several times over several days you may make quite an impression. If you do searches here you will find many more threads on aggressive roos. You can stalk them, pick them up and carry them around, hang him upside down for a few seconds by the legs, etc. to establish dominance. Make sure he can't twist around to peck your hand or arm.

Don't let any more biting occur by being on guard and doing whatever you need to do to prevent an attack. I'd nip this in the bud before it becomes a habit--or for sure rehome the roo if you or your mother or other visitors are at risk.
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He doesn't mind being held, and I feel safe because he doesn't bite during the day, so should I hold him a lot? If he bits me what should I do? Say no, and squirt him with water like I do with my dog?
I used to have a bantam rooster who would flutter around the yard following me, and sit on my shoulder, cuddle on my lap, and keep my company at 5:30 in the morning, by just sitting on my hand and preening him self. I miss him, a raccoon got him... I don't know if I can train this one to do the same... The other rooster was my only chicken for a couple weeks because all of his sisters got killed by a hawk

I'm not sure if I can protect my self, as I am not strong, but I can get a pretty good grip on a chicken no mater how much they try to get away, without hurting them. Is his biting the begining of becoming a attack rooster?
I think I would stop trying to pet him, hand feed him, etc. I know my own roos right now are becoming much more protective and aggressive about their girls at 20 weeks old. They get very upset if I pick any of the chickens up to examine them, or even if I am trying to get 1 back into the yard after flying over the fence. I have to lock my head roo up in order to check on the others, so I think you might try giving him his space because roos aren't really good at being petted when they are going through puberty. He may mellow out later when he gets more mature and be more friendly. My guy gets his treats thrown on the ground.
My head roo (who is a Silkie) is only in a bad mood first thing in the morning, when the pop door opens up. All he wants is FOOD and WOMEN. And he is very jealous of his 'next door neighbor' who is half his size and has more hens than he does. Usually, we put the food and water in and THEN open the pop door. Last weekend, though, I wasn't thinking and opened the door first and when I reached in to put the food and water in, he spurred me in the eyes. I have two shiners as a result (still). Any other time of day he will eat out of my hand, I can hold him in my lap, etc., but not first thing in the morning. The rest of the day, all three coops/runs are calm and peaceful.
Take off that glove and smack him upside the head with it each time he it quick, right after he bites you. He will stop. It won't hurt him but it will surpise him a lot. Then...stop trying to pet your roo. Pet your hens but let your roo be a roo. He's a tough guy and needs to stay a tough guy if he is going to be a flock master.
My games do not bite out of anger during day. At night when they can not see and I bother them, then they bite almost as if it is a reflex action.

When I do have a day time biter, do not abuse him in response. My method for stopping is to let him bite me all he wants. Do not move away or respond as if it hurts. He will stop once he realizes not getting desired result, your submission. I also have thick skin. My games can bite hard but still doable.
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