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  1. I am building a proper rooster box this time ( last build was very sketchy ) and I want to know measurements so my boys are comfortable.

    I will be having 2 White Leghorn roosters in one box and even though these birds are not going to be shown I still want them to have those lovely long tails [​IMG].

    All suggestions appreciated, Lucas.

  2. 19 Views! Can anyone help?
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    What is this box for?
  4. To keep the roosters from going off at 4:00am.
  5. Will they be living in the boxes until their services are needed or are you just keeping them in the boxes so they think it is dark until you let them loose for the day?

    Will there be food in water in the boxes or will they be fed & watered elsewhere?

    Are you thinking of a solid plywood box with a few vent holes or more of a cage set-up?
  6. They will only be in there from dusk - about 6 am.
    The rest of the time they will be out with their ladies, food and water.
    The boxes will be dark but have plenty of ventilation, including a a pipe that goes into the box then runs up through the roof of the breeder coop so that the air can catch it. Using convection to help with ventilation.

    There will also be sufficient air holes.

    I just want to know measurements that will keep 2 breeding boy's healthy and fertile.
    I know this is not desired when breeding but it what I must do for my irritating neighbors[​IMG].
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    Good luck with that keeping them quiet. Some roos will crow even in pitch dark. I have had roosters that would crow anytime they heard a noise outside even though it would be 3am. Fortunately now I have a roo that only crows when we are working around the coop. I really think that it will be more of an individual rooster thing. If you have loud roos then a box might not really help.

  8. Ok, maybe I am confusing some, all I want to know is.

    What would be a good sized box to fit 2 Large Roosters in?
    That is all, leave the shooshing of the roosters up to me[​IMG].
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    I am thinking about soundproofing on of my nesting boxes for my rooster. Here is a picture of my rooster and 2 pictures of my coop. The coop has 5 nest boxes. 2 small and 2 large. I was thinking about taking one of the large ones and putting vinyl sound proofing all around it. Then I was going to make a door (with sound proofing also). I was going to but vent holes in the door and keep a slit on the top of the nest box for ventilation. He sleeps in a next box at night right now. He is 6 months old.

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    The Sussex chicken is a dual purpose breed of chicken

    Approximate weight

    Cock 4.1 kg 9 lbs
    Hen 3.2 kg
    7 lbs

    As a comparison Leghorn cocks weigh 3.4 kg (7.5 lb), hens 2.5 kg (5lb 5oz)

    Check out this link:
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