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    Jun 20, 2010
    I have a small flock (8 hens) and just recently got a rooster. He is a fine fellow, inexperienced and clumsy but hopefully his performance will improve with time. I had not had him more than a week before I got a letter from the county saying that some neighbor had complained.[​IMG] When I called about it the county person laughed and said it just means I have a jerk for a neighbor and that it will never go further than that. (I have 3 acres in the country)

    However, I would rather have happy nieghbors than grumpy ones. So I saught some solutions.

    I first tried blackout curtains to make the rooster sleep in. No luck, with a few peeks of sunshine under the door he would still go off at 5:15 am every morning. I am already up and drinking coffee by then but the nieghbors are not.

    So plan b. I read on here about a rooster box but didn't see many. So I learned as much as I could about them.

    I constructed a box with the following dimentions 18x24 x24 with the roof sloping down to 20 inches. I first cut a 18x24 section off of a pallet(free) as the base, (slats so there is plenty of ventaltion) I built a small frame and then used sound board for all four walls and the roof. Soundboard is $10/ 4'x8' sheet at home depot and is used for deadening the sound between apartments etc. I used sheetrock screws and large fender washers to attach the board. I mounted the completed box right next to the the roost boards in the coop so that he is right next to the hens. One side is left unattached to act as a door.

    It does not silence the rooster, but significantly muffles him. With our windows closed we cannot hear him at all. Because of the pallet as a base it still allows lots of air, and light to come in in the morning so at 5:15 the rooster gets to do what he does. The sound that does come out is pointed toward the ground so it is a very muffled rooster. I don't even think they can hear him. All the hens can hear and be impressed, roll their eyes, or yawn. but since I don't let him out until 7am. I have much nicer neighbors.

    So far I have to put him in his box every night and close him up. I am hopeful that he will start going in there on his own and all I will have to do is close the door. He is very tame and does not complain to much about being put in there he just repositions and goes to sleep.

    I thought I would share this for anyone who was able to have a rooster but whos presence might be unwelcome in the "neighborhood". It is is possible to muffel them down and then manage them so that they are not creating noise polution for the wimpy nieghbors who like to sleep in.[​IMG]

    Mostly when you post up about rooster noise you get the complimentary , "Don't have a rooster if you are not allowed" or the "It is their God given right to crow at 4:30 am" but very little in the practical solutions. I hope my experience is helpful to future rooster owners.

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    You're right about the complimentaries. You're a thoughtful neighbor to have where you live. I give my neighbors eggs and they dont mind my rooster crowing at all, they love the free eggs especially in these tough times.
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    Hi widgeonmangh,

    I just found your post while I was searching for night box ideas. I don't really need to have my cockerel muffled too much since my plan is just to put him in a pet carrier and put him in the cupboard under the stairs, then let him out at a decent hour. Do you put anything in your box? Bedding? Food and water? A roost?

    Thanks a bunch. I'm glad it's working out for you, and I hope my box will make me less anxious about my neighbors.
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    new zealand
    good for you... personally I'll go and get a few more roosters... I can't stand people trying to tell you what you can or cannot do in your property when it's all legal.... [​IMG]
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  5. Clucky cottage

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    Jun 6, 2017
    great idea but how do you catch your roosters please
  6. toomuch

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    Feb 9, 2015
    You could use on of those collars for roosters to lower his volume.
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    May 17, 2015
    Denton, TX
    Some can walk right up and pick up their roosters, some get them off the roost at night.

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