Rooster, chicken head feathers.

Apr 13, 2021
So atm, got a rooster who the chooks like, they don't run away from him ect, he seems to be making a few of the girls lose feathers on there head tho... All up we have 10 chooks, one rooster, however five of these girls r still to young for us to let them out with the rest of the flock, almost ready. Is this just a numbers game and when we let the others out he will have more to deal with? Or... What.
Loss of head feathers during mating has more to do with technique than numbers.

Numbers don't mean squat.

The 'rooster' to hen ratio of 1:10 that is often cited is primarily for fertility efficiency in commercial breeding facilities.
It doesn't mean that if a cockbird has 10 hens that he won't abuse or over mate them.
Many breeders keep pairs, trios, quads, etc ....short term and/or long term.
It all depends on the temperaments of the cock and hens and sometimes housing provided.
Backyard flocks can achieve good fertility with a larger ratio.

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