Rooster comb has been pick on till gone.


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Oct 17, 2008
question why would my hens pick at and tear pieces off of my rooster comb where he has have no comb now and except for the base ?
Chickens get a taste for blood (thus they kept eating at the roosters comb)and they don't quit.
they must be bored, crowded or both.
Have you tried the hanging a head of cabbage wraped in chicken wire from the roof of the chicken house?
or do they have a run at all to be let out in?

Are you feeding complete chicken crumbles?
Do you put the apple cider vinegar 2 tbsp to the gallon of water daily?

also how old is the feed?
all this would mean if the feed is over a month old it is lacking in vitamins to keep their system okay.

By keeping the feed in a closed metal garbage can not allowing heat of sun or air going into the feed constantly
which damages the content of the needed vitamins.
You could have elevated E.coli in the gut of the chickens.

with all this said give some answers

here is what I would do immediately
you have a difficient gut problem with the E.coli
and it needs to have the Vitamin E put in the wet mash probiotic to help the E.coli gut problem

do this
now the
Natural Probiotic Recipe is
(This is for one chicken
multiply it by the numer of chickens to eat the wet mash. )

3 tbsp of dry crumbles
4 tbsp of milk, sweet, sour, or buttermilk or a mixture of all or some
1 tbsp of yoguart of non flavored yoguart ( no artificial sweetmer)
mix good

and add 1- 1000 mg of Vit E by cutting the end off the vit E capsule for each chicken fed this wet mash .also one vit B complex crushed and putting it in the wet mash
Mix wet mash well

OR FOR each chicken your treating
so for each chicken use 3 tbsp of mixture and 1-1000 mg of Vit E and a Vit B complex.

feed this twice a day for a week and see how they are acting. If they are restless acting feed it for another week.

and feed each chicken
3 tbsp full of the wet mash probiotic and what they will clean up in 20-30 minutes
then clean wet feeders and restock dry crumbles

After one or two weeks drop the two vitamins and feed the wet mash probiotic once a week for life of birds

2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar per gallon of the chicken water so their gut flora wil be regulated
they should have this at least 3-5 days a week

the vit's are neccessary to clean up the damaged gut problem
you can email me any questions
hope this helps
I Feed Layer Crumbles Free Choice And They Free Roam Everyday I Have A 15ft By 15 Ft Coop For 16 Birds Also Feed Them Yogurt And The Only Time They Get At His Comb When They Are Free Roaming Or When I Get Close To The Roo They Try To Peck His Comb Like They Are Trying To Get All The Attention They Also Peck At It When He Mounts Them And Then Some Of The Girls That He Mounted Go After Him. They Have Slowed Down Since The Comb Part Is Gone .but I Will Try Some Of Your Suggestions And Thanks Again.
Glenda Heywood
Chickens get a taste for blood (thus they kept eating at the roosters comb)and they don't quit.
they must be bored, crowded or both.
FIRST DO THIS take a can of black tar and cover the comb where the blood came from. Cover the comb area completely.
the tar will stop them picking.
The tar will eventually come off

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