Rooster Dilemma


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Nov 18, 2020
Kitsap County, WA
So, I have 5 "Packing peanut" Roosters we got 5 months ago. We have 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Silver laced Wyandottes, and a Buff Orpington. For a while, nobody really cared about them, only peeping into the stall there in everyday to see if they have food and water, Until I started to take care of them. I began to notice there behaviors, like how they really don't like to drink from chicken nipples (I give them bowls of water now) and how they are really sweet, and friendly. 3 weeks ago I convinced my parents that they should go outside, and they said yes. They love to free-range in the pasture, and are the nicest roosters I know. But , unfortunately the time we process our meatbirds is coming around, and my parents want to process 4/5 roosters. (We are keeping one of the Rhodes) The processing date is sometime this weekend. We are giving one last shot to selling them, but we have tried 3 times and I think this time won't be different because no body wants roosters this time of year :( Should I start disattaching from the roosters, or should I continue to "Protest" For keeping them until spring, when roosters are most wanted??

(Old photos of them in the stall)


Here are pictures of Them right now. I am giving them away for free, so anyone who might want them in Kitsap County, please say so. I would much rather have them in a nice home then in freezer camp (All photos with wood background are current)



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It is difficult to rehome a rooster... you have to be careful the person you sell them to doesn’t want them for fighting. And of course many people who want roosters want to process them and eat them themselves. I would put up a post on Craigslist and give it a week or so.... (don’t meet ANYBODY without a parent or person with you). If no interested parties then processing would be best bc at least you’re controlling how it’s done and making sure it’s humane. It’s hard, but I don’t recommend getting attached to roosters. If it makes you feel better, once they reach full sexual maturity their interest in you will probably change and there’s a good chance they could become aggressive. With that many roosters, they will fight constantly and make your life a living hell.... being humanely processed and used for nourishment is way better than the headache you’ll feel if they start beating each other to death.

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