Rooster eating and crowing but cannot walk on feet, uses hocks for support

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    Dec 6, 2015
    My young rooster cannot walk properly. Sadly he sits on his hocks and pivots around with one wing. Now in isolation because other chickens will attack him. He has a big life force and eats a range of organic chicken feed, berries, fresh grass, etc. My bird vet gave him antibiotics and an injection of vitamins a week ago. He perked up a bit, now trying to get some lift on one leg. I'd hate to put him down if I can get him walking. Vet did not think that botulism, Mareks, gout were considerations nor did he find any injuries. Anyone have any thoughts. He now is on soft bedding inside my dog's crate and all day he can come out and walk around on a carpet. I enen have tried a bit of physio with the hope that he would gain some feeling in his legs... I'm stumped and sad.
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    How long has he been like this? Please post in full detail at "emergencies,diseases, injuries, cures," thread - photos of how he uses his hocks etc, or even a short video might might his condition clearer. I'm wondering if the bone above his hocks is slipping in and out of the groove. I can't think of the words in chicken terms but, in dogs, it would be called slipped stifles. I hope the ER folks can be of help.
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    thank you for the thought....I will be taking him back to the vet at the end of this week......any other thoughts would be welcome...he's such a nice rooster....don't know if I can help. The vet examined his legs and did not feel any joint/bone/flesh issues. He suspected several causes that included a cancerous growth impinging on nerves connected to the legs, leukosis, vitamin deficiency or injury. It looks more like the 1st, sadly as he doesn't have any other symptoms that would support the other three. Thanks again.
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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)

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