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    i did some looking around but nothing really says anything about what i had in mind. so i was wondering if a rooster mated one time and only one time to a hen how many eggs would be fertilized. i know that the semen can be kept inside the hen up to a month so does that mean that from just a one time mount all eggs will be fertile.
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    The semen storage tubules within the utero-vaginal junction of the hen will store the sperm cells for roughly two weeks (10-14 days). Each time she ovulates, some sperm will be released and travel up her reproductive tract to fertilize the newly forming egg before it is is received by the infundibulum. Depending on the breed and laying rate of the hen, she may lay anywhere from 7 (egg/2 days) to 14 (egg/day) based on the optimum 14-day sperm storage length.
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    one mating lasts about 10-14 days depending on the breed if the breed that is laying the fertile eggs is a high producing breed such as a Rhode Island Red the eggs will only be fertile fro about 10 days but you would get 8-10 eggs that would be fertile from one mating....but a slow egg producer breed that only lays an egg every other day or every few days would be able to lay fertile eggs for about 14 days but since it is a slow producer the total fertile eggs would only be 5-7...hope that makes since lol

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