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    Jan 15, 2016
    Hi newbie here. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have a 10 month old Maran rooster who started losing balance and walking backwards. He got progressively worse and now has no balance at all. From what I know I can see no other signs off illness. Normal droppings, he's content and he crows every morning. He eats everything that he's given. I mix his diet with some corn and layers pellets. He has no sign of injury, nothing bullies him, his head and neck work perfectly. His legs have strength when I lift him both legs can and do kick me and he has no sores or curled up toes. He has not been able to stand for several days but he has not deteriorated or given up. I keep him warm, I've given him honey and probiotics as well. Anyway, not sure what else I can do for the poor boy, I haven't taken him to a vet to be honest I'm not sure who to take him to locally that would give me correct advice. Every post I have looked up their symptoms seem to be different, like one leg being paralysed, birds deteriorating and showing worsening symptoms. Not the case with my boy, I have one happy, unbalanced boy with seemingly perfect functioning limbs that he can't use to the right effect.
    Just hope somebody might know what might put him on the road to recovery if possible.
    On a good note I have six eggs in the incubator and all six have chipped and with luck I will have six new chicks that he has sired tomorrow. I just hope that's it's not his last bunch but I fear it is sad.png
    Thanks again for any advice.
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    I might try him on a course of antibiotics, sometimes they get a respiratory infection that can affect the inner ear and balance, other causes are mostly as you said deteriorating, so that's what I might try first. Also check around for moldy feed or bedding as botulism and some molds can cause balance problems.
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    You can try some Vit B12, if they are deficient they can not walk on their own. It takes a few weeks to get them better. You could try some electrolyte solution form a feed store too.
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    I just had this happen with 7 month old Lakenvelder rooster! I bought Vitamin B12 and scrambled up eggs and mixed it in with the eggs and feed it to him everyday for about 3 weeks and he totally recovered! Been back with the flock for 2 months now and is doing great! Good luck and keep us posted! :)
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    It could be a couple of things.....why don't you take a look at my website, which provides a Symptom Checker tool among many other things, that could be of help to you. I'd really like your feedback too on the usefulness of it, if you wouldn't mind.... :)
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    Jun 8, 2013
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    Neat looking site! I'm going to add to my favorites and have a look around later.

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