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    Oct 25, 2007
    I posted on what breed/gender is this, about my 4 polish chickens.

    Everyone thinks I have 3 roos and 1 hen. 3 have pointed tail feathers, and saddle feathers. 2 have pointed crests and neck feathers. 3 have wattles. Only 1 crows. They are all 21 weeks old.

    The rooster has been obviously a male for a few months. And crowing for about 1.5 months.[​IMG]

    The brown one,
    [​IMG]I have gone back and forth on for months. Looks like a roo, but acts like a hen.

    The last roo, only just started getting pointed feathers on his back and tail in the last 2 weeks. This one I really thought was a girl. Was the smallest.

    The hen and the 2 roos that do not crow are always together. They root around, and sleep together and make the same noises. The rooster is the only one who acts different.

    I tried the petting thing to see who squated, and one of the roos does! The brown one, Noodle as in chicken noodle.

    They do not fight, and so far I have not seen any mating behavior. My questions are,
    so long as they dont fight can 3 roos and 1 hen live together?

    Will my hen lay eggs with this many boys?

    Will she be *happy* or over whelmed?

    Why would only 1 roo crow?

    any ideas???? thanks!!
  2. bunch-a-chickens

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    Nov 23, 2007
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    #1 hens must lay. they continue to make them, so the have to come out. #2 not sure about the happy-over whelmed thing. #3 some roos mature faster than others.

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