Rooster Is Wheezing- Stops when held!

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    Apr 10, 2014
    My rooster, Kenny- also known as Keisha before I knew she was a he- was wheezing when I put him away for the night. He had been fine all day until around five this afternoon.

    He kept making noises, very common clucking noises, and after each one would exhale a large breath.

    I picked him up and rubbed his back to calm his down and the wheezing stopped immediately. He was fine until I put him back down on the ground. Perhaps it's too dusty for him? He's leaving tomorrow for a duck and chicken farm because I can't keep him sadly and I don't want to infect any of their birds if anything is wrong.

    Also, I removed anything that might be creating dust and checked on him almost an hour later and the wheezing had stopped. Do you think it might have been dust? I hope so.

    Thanks in advance,
    Rachel. [​IMG]

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