Rooster issue w/ younger birds


12 Years
Nov 30, 2007
San Martin, Ca
I have a young male (about 6mos old). He's a Blue Orpington and is huge. I have some other young males (RIR and BO) they are about 4 1/2 mos and are about half this guys size. Not sure why. Anyways, this larger male always creates havoc at night when I put everyone to bed. During the day the big guy is free ranging w/ 2 other males (another Orp and an Ameraucana) and 2 Orp females. At night the 5 of them go back in the run w/ the RIR, BO, a small OE banty pullet and 2 silkies. This Blue Orp harasses my RIR and BO. He never bothers the 2 silkies or the little banty. I am wondering if I should cull this guy because of his antics he pulls at night. THe last few nights I have taken him and put him in a separate area by himself. During the day he's back w/ his buddies free ranging and doesn't harrass them at all. I was planning on using him to breed w/ the 2 pullets that are blue orps as well. Now I am wondering if I should cull him and use the other orp male I have. The only issue w/ the other orp is he is a Lavender. I love the Lav color but if I use the Lav over the 2 blue I will only hatch out blue split or black split chicks. I wanted to use the Blue guy over these 2 females since a blue x blue will give me BBS. What would you do if you were in my situation?

Yes I know I have to many males. I have been trying to find homes for the RIR, BO and the Ameraucana. But no luck.

Sounds like the boys are working through a pecking order for roosting, and yes the too have a pecking order. I would keep him and rehome/cull the other two. I have a splash orp and love him and his color.

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