Rooster limping after a fall...

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    Aug 20, 2012
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    My rooster, "Rusty" was on the railing of our back deck three days ago and when we walked out the back door he crowed a few times (he was surrounded by three of his "ladies"). I walked up and petted him, as usual, and one of the girls got spooked and jumped, spooking him. When he jumped he tried to land on the step railing, and of course just slid, kicking off a couple of times, but no flight success. He landed awkwardly on the ground below. If I'm not mistaken, the railing itself is about 14 feet in length and the deck floor is actually about 8 feet high and the surrounding railing probably brings it up another 3 feet so all that said, he took a pretty good fall.

    He has been limping ever since and seems MAYBE a bit better today. He doesn't seem to be bothered when i touch or move his leg or foot in any way and there seems to be no swelling at all. He seems to use his injured leg for stability but doesn't put a great deal of pressure on it other than hopping on it. He's eating fine and still showing off for the girls (and "attacking" them, as my daughters say) but is somewhat less active than normal, which I must say I think is a good thing. I'm hoping that is just his way of keeping off of it some so that it can heal.

    If anyone has any advice or past experience with strains, sprains, breaks or the like let me know. (I honestly don't think anything is broken though, probably just being overly cautious...)
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    I had a hen that did something to her leg. She was limping pretty badly. I actually think she pulled a muscle because she could not pull her leg forward. I put her in a crate with food and water for a couple days and she did great.
    I would put him up for a couple of days to keep him from re-injuring it or making it worse than it is. Take him out and see how he walks. If not better, keep him there for a couple more days. He should be fine, but they won't really rest it without a little help from their human.

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