Rooster missing an eye


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Jun 6, 2019
So, we have a flock of 36 chickens. We have let them reproduce at will so we are a little unbalanced with 6 roosters and 30 hens. Today, for the first time, 4 of the guys got into a few brawls. Three of them wound up bloody on their heads. My husband and I decided that on Monday we are going to butcher two of the younger ones. Tonight, when we checked them all over, we noticed that our alpha rooster is missing an eye! What do I do? Should, we butcher more than 2? I've never butchered a chicken before. We isolated the 2 in their own dog pen and will give them water only tomorrow. What else should I do?
I would clean up the area and treat with neosporin if you don't have terramyacin or other eye type ointments. They can do just fine with one eye. Just make sure you talk to him if you come up on the blind side so he can turn his head and look - don't want to surprise him and start some variety of negative interaction.

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