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9 Years
Apr 16, 2010
So I have 8 chickens and they are all supposed to be hens but I am thinking that one may be a rooster. I am not sure yet as they are only 3 1/2 weeks old. My question is, do roosters really make that much noise? I live in the suburbs and my neighbors are ok with me having chickens but I also told them I wasn't getting any roosters.
We had two roosters.

The daddy rooster has a lovely crow, like a muffled fog horn.

The daddy rooster's son was half rosecomb bantam, who's momma came from last year's grand champion Illinois State Fair crower.
He has a nice new home. He is all noise, all the time.

My neighbors who live by us say they think it's "musical", "charming", "old fashioned", "neat" and "cool".

Other people have gossipped that "it should be illegal to disturb the peace like that".

Rooster noise must be in the ear of the beholder.

Try it, maybe your babyroo's noise will be the pleasant and/or infrequent kind.
Some crow a lot.

Some don't.

I'm fortunate that my RIR roo doesn't crow that much at all, and it's pleasent sounding. He is the only permanent rooster I have, though right now I'm listening to a lot of future freezer-fillers who have less than pleasent crows
it's soooo true i went to a farm in the morning and the roosters were sooooooooo loud. hpoe you don't have to sell them *sob*
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It all depends on the roo. My large fowl rooster doesn't crow that much but the banty roos that is a different story. They crow a lot, little buggers. LOL.
I have 4 pullets and one roo. The roo is a bantam SLW, all are about 3.5 months old. So far, no crowing!
YAY for me! I had to rehome our Sultan roo about 5 days after his "crowing" started...sounded like a kazoo

I just PRAY that Marshall will be a quiet roo-er.
He is just so sweet and pretty. His sister on the other hand, ooh she is just such a brat! This is why she is named BOSSY! What a jerk!
My roos don't make too much racket. They're still young and learning to crow. When one gets started, they all get started, but that's usually just when we get 'em going. (So far, anyway!) I'd much sooner complain about the neighborhood dogs continuously barking than about my roos crowing. There's no comparison!

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