rooster not crowing?

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10 Years
Mar 16, 2013
I hav a Rhode island red rooster who is about 7-8 months plus and he WAS crowing alot, but recently he hasnt been able to finish his crow. he would start out nicely, but then it would be as if he lost his voice half way through. he has been doing this for a few weeks now. any ideas y he is doing this??
I am not sure why, but my guess is he might have crowed alot and hurt his throat, I am not an expert just a guess. My rooster (1 out of my 3) crows but he isn't really good at it, he is not the top rooster or head of the flock. The head of flock has the best crow, my other rooster "second in command" has a good crow. I am not sure why but it is like that.

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