Rooster or hen (d'uccles)


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Feb 23, 2010
Central Washington
Alright, I got these little guys from the assorted bantam bin. They're about 6 1/2 weeks old right now. My best guess is that they're millie fluer d'uccle. Neither one has good white spots though

First one Crystal (I think there's a possibility that she's a hen, her comb is lighter in color than the other):


Then #2 is Chocolate and the one that I really suspect is a rooster (my 2 year old named him/her


hmmmm, I might have to go take some side by side pictures because in these pictures they look pretty close to similiar. Really Chocolate's comb does look more red than Crystal's.
What do you think, both roosters? Any possibilities that one might be a hen?
Hmmmm, right now, I'm leaning towards both roos. Sorry.
On the upside, the lack of speckling at this age is normal. They'll develop their speckling as they get older. D'Uccles are lovely birds.
I might be persuaded to keep 1 rooster (for my kids to show at the County fair) since they're bantam and my kids are in love with them. I had a bad experience last season with a really mean easter egger rooster that gave my neighbors 18 month old a gash on his cheek that needed stitches
So I'm not sure if I want to keep any at all....but maybe 1 bantam might be ok. If they're both roos they'll have to go.

Good to know about the spots though, thank you!
u should just keep it if it is really roosters which looks like roosters but they r really nice compared to other breed's roosters
Do they have feathering on their legs?

I have a trio of them and they are very nice and super friendly, definitely some of my favorite birds. The hens are great layers too.

Here's a couple pics of them.....



The chicks are super cute too!
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