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Apr 12, 2022
This is a 5 month old barneveler rooster according to the woman who gave it to me. We bought from the same batch at pickets. But I'm still not convinced it is. But I'm new to this breed (and honestly not liking them :idunno) and the roosters look a bit different.

I'll tell you this little sucker doesn't like me though. One of the flightiest birds I've ever seen.
Here are the two I got initially. They look very different. But at the same time, I've got one welsummer I'm positive it's a hen that has a fully grown comb and waddle when the others don't yet so it is possible for birds to mature at different rates.

They don't like me either. 😂
These are both Barnevelder pullets, in my opinion. One just developed earlier than the other.

The one she said is a Barnevelder cockerel looks like a black sex link hen. Or a mixed breed hen.
Thank you guys. I just kept looking at it thinking there was no way it's a rooster lol. Unfortunately they does mean I still don't have a rooster LOL.
I think she's either a Black Sex Link, or a poor quality Black Copper Marans with no leg feathering.
Do the others look like barnevelers to you? Maybe they're all not what they said and that's why they don't act like the descriptions I've seen online. Because everywhere says they're supposed to be calm and these birds are NUTS. I even hand raised them and they're just crazy.

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