Rooster Playing or attacking hen?


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7 Years
May 21, 2012
My Young Rooster and Young Hen have been together since i first got them and they are about 4 months old (Plus a week so it would be 4 months and 1 week old) But after a week of haveing them (I got them when they where 4 months old) The Rooster is suddenly playing or attacking my hen (Or pullet but i like to call her a young hen) he would jump around her with his feathers fluffed up and sometimes peck at my hen (But not really hard to make feathers come off) But the hen would peck back at him and make a feather or two fly off! I don't know if this is just a way for chickens or the rooster is getting violent ooor 'sexualy mature'. Please tell me what i can do.
Yep, he is becoming sexually mature. The little hen is not quite ready for his advances yet, so that's why she's pecking back. They will figure it out.
Oh so that's his way of courting her? Its kinda funny watching him bounce around and the hen look at him with a confused face haha!

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