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  1. coloradogal

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    Jul 5, 2011
    I have two roosters that were raised together and are now almost 7 months old. Flock dynamics... 3 of the original flock left, 2 of chick are roosters, 3 left of the second batch and 5 bantys of the third. I have two coops, one 4x4 and the other 4x5. 4 of the newest prefer the new coop. So the two Roos, and 5 hens generally roost in the 4x5.

    I went out to the coop today and noticed blood on the screen. After all the chickens raced out, my RIR roo was still in. I looked and he wasn't moving. So I opened the back of the coop and lifted him out and he had a bloody comb and his eyes were bloodshot. I grabbed him, brought him inside, cleaned him, gave him vitamins and warm rice and just left him alone for a bit. I brought him back out and my other roo bristled at him.

    Am I now just seeing the cock aggression? I have noticed that my Acona roo is confrontational in the mornings and usually spend about 5 minutes proving who is queen after I let him out. He bristles and struts at my feet, I shoo him away and chase him. He has not been mean to me and usually seems nice to the hens. Should I seperate the two roos into separate coops now or do I cull one?
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    If one of your roosters is aggressive to the other rooster then re-home him
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    wait till spring!
    I keep my adult roosters separate in coops within the coop, they are going to fight and if they can't get away from each other they will do some damage, you wouldn't lock 2 stallions in the same stall? They can be very aggressive, even when growing up together, some breeds were developed just for fighting, unfortunately I have some of those bloodlines...
    whether you keep em or eat em is up to you, when I run out of building supplies Iwill be filling the freezer.
  4. coloradogal

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    Jul 5, 2011
    I think I am going to put them in separate coops. I'm just not sure who to separate from whom now. I trust the RIR Rooster to be nice more than I trust the Acona rooster.

    Thanks to everyone who responded.

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