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    May 7, 2016
    I have 16 hens to 1 easter egger roo. They are all 8 months old and are all a pleasure to own watch and interact with, up until now! My roo Sargent Peeps has all of a sudden started to attack me! He follows me around and jumps at my feet until i leave the area. I have a large sore bruise on my ankle now and just need to get this figured out so my son can go back in to help. They have a large coop and run area and they free range in a huge fenced in area as well! I only lock them up at night. I know that he is trying to show me he is top roo. I just want to handle it the right way. I have read so many threads where one says this but the other says that! I dont know if i should stand my ground and give him a little swat or kick which some say to do, or hold him upside down or ignore the behavior and offer him treats! Some say dont handle them as babies and some say do handle them. I'm so confused and really need to know the right way to handle him because he is a good roo for watching over his flock and gentle with the girls. [​IMG]
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    I think that you are likely to get similarly conflicting advice in response to your post. As you have read lots of posts on the topic - what do you feel is the best way forward? Maybe start from that point, and share your plan. It will save another duplication of all the conflicting advice you have read.
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    He is a very good boy for being gentle with the girls, and watching out for them, which is the most important quality, since he lives with them, not you. The question you need to answer for yourself is if you want to put up with a rooster who attacks you. He may outgrow it, and he may not.

    ETA: I handle boys that I keep. There may need to be spur trimming, and any other care they need. They need to understand that you are the caregiver, not competition.
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    I had a rooster problem too, when we got him he attacked me instantly. My husband grabbed him and held him on the ground til he stopped fighting and broke eye contact ( same as with a dog ), never had another problem .
    Me ? I yelled , kicked and chased him with a broom for three months it just got worse .
    Two weeks ago he got my hand , I grabbed him by the leg , then both legs hung him upside down and threw him outside in the snow !!Now he walks away when he sees me and totally respects me and the hens !!
    I think you have to shock him and give him some tough love [​IMG], but I've only had one rooster so far ........... but it worked for us
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    Roosters can certainly be a challenge! I've had the most success by handling them frequently, as they grow if possible. Since it sounds like you're past that point you might try picking him up after they go to roost. When one of mine starts giving me the evil-eye and acting like he's going to try and start something I will catch him and carry him around with me for 10 minutes or so to make sure he knows who's in control. They seem to respect me (at least some) buy they will still go after other people sometimes.

    Best of luck to you! Let us all know how it goes.

  6. An Old lady I know shared this tip with me along time ago.......Always make your Cockerel respect your space....Never pick up a hen in front of him, turn your back or make a pet out of him....Carry a corn broom and if he even makes a step towards you, chase him off.......Lock him out of the coop when you collect eggs......Never challenge him or give him reason to feel threatened by you...He loves his ladies......
    Never free range him when strangers are around.....Keep children away from him...The smaller a person is, the easier the target is...
    My Cockerel this year is so far so good....He will come running into the coop when I collect eggs....I never turn my back and always talk to him......

    Best of luck....


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