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    I am thinking about getting a rooster but i hear that they often attack the other chickens and you alot. So can i keep him in a seperate coop while the chickens are out playing all day and then put him in with them when i want some more chicks? Or any ideas on the subject at all.
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    you are borrowing trouble you don't have yet.

    Lots of roosters are great, and you want them around your ladies, lots of roosters are rotten, mean and dangerous, you want them at your table. If one gets mean, get rid of him. If you don't think you can, just stick with the hens, and get fertilized eggs from someone else. Course, then you will get some roosters, so maybe get pullets.

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    We ordered 1 rooster in with our hens when we got our girls earlier this year. He was a Buff Orpington and everything was okay until about a month ago. All my chickens hatched on/around May 17th. About a month ago, Ernie, my roo, started his "boy" business. He bloodied a few of my hens combs, but we thought he was just immature. Last Sunday, he bloodied another hen's comb and tore a dime size hole in the back of another of my hens. I have quarantined my hurt hen "Ginger", and she is healing. My husband and I discussed whether we should wait and give Ernie more time to mature, but after seeing how bad he hurt my hen, and his behaviour seemed to be getting worse - not better - we decided to put our girls out of his misery. Ernie is now in the freezer, however, it seems my hens will be a little longer in getting over his aggressive behavior. Just tonight, I reached down to pet on of the hens, and she immediately went into the "stance" and was just quivering and shaking so hard I wanted to cry. Makes me wish we had realized what a little "Caesar" he had become earlier. We want chicks so we'll get another more mature roo in the spring BUT he will be watched CLOSELY. And at the first sign of hen aggression, he will join Ernie in the freezer. I read too many posts from people who've have chickens way longer than I have, who talk about Roosters who take wonderful care of their hens and are very gentle. That is what we will strive for UNTIL we find one. Just beware and watch closely. I am still so angry whenever I am reminded of how badly he treated my hens. UGH! Like so many others have said, the hens have to be the first priority - so watch them closely. Best wishes!
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    My BO roo has just recently beat up a BR roo who I removed and a Cochin roo who I removed today. But I can say with the girls the BO is a gentleman. The hens don't seem to mind him and I have been out there when he has bred them and it is not bad....quick but he is not violent. However, he will not stand for another roo to breed the girls. The Cochin was the last other rooster. He has never shown any rooster behaviors. He does not crow. I have never seen him even interested in the hens. But I guess he was today.

    When I went out this morning.....mid check for eggs his foot was bloody and I could see there were some feathers missing on his neck. That is the only damage. The BO got back a little of his own medicine this time however, he has some bent up feathers in several places.

    But for me the thing to do was to take out the Cochin and leave the BO with his girls. They are all laying nicely. He seems to keep a good watch out for anything unusual. And he is not aggressive towards me yet. I go in the pen and take food. Clean up when I need to. But I never take it for granted and no one else goes in but me. My grandaughter would love to go in but I no longer let her. She would like to pet them all. I can also go into the coop with out the rooster worrying about it. He sticks his head in to check on me.

    So now I have to figure out what to do about the Cochin. I love him. Love the way he looks. But unless my DH is willing to build a new pen for him I am going to have to rehome him.

    There are all kinds of issues with roosters. You have to be realistic about what they are. You have to let them be roosters. He was not being aggressive when he beat up the BR or the Cochin. He was simply doing what a rooster is supposed to do and take care of his flock. If he felt like I was going to harm the hens I am sure that his attitude towards me would be different. I have a leaf rake I take in with me every time and if I need to I can put it between myself and the rooster. When we went in today to get the Cochin rooster I walked the BO roo into the coop first. I have a piece of tin that is a large square that we close the door with. I just put it in front of me and walk them in. I did not want him out there when I was trying to chase down the Cochin and him think I was after a hen.

    I love my chickens but I have respect for them too. I am learning what their behaviors are and why and hopefully that will help us all live together peacefully. I cannot free range except in the garden next to their pen that is also enclosed...but not the top. So we sometimes let them out into it an hour or two before dark when we can be out there with them. Not only are there dogs up here but I am in the country and hawks and other animals.

    So I say get as educated as you can then decide if you want another rooster. Mine are because we bought straight run chickens. Half were roosters and I have had to make a lot of decisions about what to do about them. Some are in the freezer and some were rehomed.

    This one I am going to leave up to my DH when he comes home because he is going to have to deal with my grandaugher on this one.....betcha we get another coop and run. I wouldn't but she will.....oh, and some girls for the cochin!

    Sorry....don't know why I can't write just a little bit.

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