Rooster protects/stands by hen while in coop

Eleanor C

Apr 9, 2017
One of my hens is (We think) broody. It's only been a day but she has the behavior. She made herself a nest in a little cave made out of a tarp in our barn. The weird part is our biggest rooster is standing directly in front of the cave seemingly standing guard. They both make those low growl purr noises like when they see danger when we get close. I threw some scratch and he didn't move for it. It's not like when roosters pretend to nest to mate with the female though. He's just standing there. But we have another younger rooster who usually just hangs around lurking around the other hens but now he is walking around with them and the head rooster is letting him. He would usually chase him off. But he's standing guard instead. Thoughts?
My guess is he thinks the hen and any chicks are worth guarding. Maybe she's his main hen, or one that looks most fertile.We will never know for sure.
They continued this for the entire day but I was walking down to the coop to check on them this morning and they just sauntered up the path past me and he has taken his place back as top of the pecking order. Huh.
I’ve got a roo that also keeps watch over the coop when his favored hen is inside. Today I happened upon them while he was on top of her 😳 and then watched both moving around the hay as if they were making a nest together. He most certainly did not want me to go in the coop to change their water out so I waited a little bit and came back: Now I am starting to feel bad because I am rehoming him and his brother this Friday: hopefully she will be ok when he’s gone?

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