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    Sep 2, 2010
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    I have one rooster who is about 8 months old. He is very good with the girls and has never been aggressive. He seems to be very mild mannered. While he has never wanted me to hold him he has always come up to me and tolerated being within a few feet of me. Of course he knows that I always bring out treats too. Well I went out of town this past weekend and had someone come over to collect eggs and feed them and such. Now he seems to have forgotten me. I was gone about 4 days and every time I walk outside he does the panic clucking. The girls are fine with me and still run right up to me to beg for treats. He is not having any of that. He squawks the entire time I'm out there and runs and hides. The girls are peacefully eating their treats and ignoring him and he is ducking behind the coop. Did he just forget who I am and has to get used to me again? He still doesn't seem aggressive but with all of that racket that he is making I'm not taking chances. I'm hoping he will get over whatever it is and resume our previous relationship. (Did I really just talk about having a relationship with a rooster? Yes, yes I did.) I'm still giving him treats but he won't eat them if I'm out there. Just wait it out?
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    Just wait it out. He sounds like a fine rooster to me. He doesn't like to be handled by the alpha (you) and he takes good care of his girls. Plus, he's not aggressive. Really everything you could want in a roo, IMO.
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    Chickens hate change and they panic about weird things! But he ought to get used to you again soon. You could try petting him and picking him up when he's half-asleep at night.

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