Rooster question ??


11 Years
Sep 13, 2008
Paris, TN
First let me say I have enjoyed reading all the valuable information on this site. I have been viewing for months and just have become a registered member. My question is this. If you change roosters, how long till all of your hens eggs are fertilized by the second rooster, and the first roosters genes are no longer present in the eggs?
!!!! I think I read somewhere on here the other day to give it two weeks just to be sure.
Welcome to BYC.

I think that it is more like 3 to 4 weeks. I know that I have read that a hen's eggs will remain fertile for about 3 weeks, after a roo has been removed. If you are wanting to hatch eggs from the hen and new roo, then I would wait 4 weeks, but this is just me.

Thanks for the advise. I read somewhere that the eggs could remain fertile for up to six weeks. That sounds like a long time. Guess it is possible though. What a good place to ask questions with very timely answers.

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