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Oct 27, 2013
I don't have a rooster so over the summer I let a broody hen hatch some mutts from a local egg seller who has roosters.i was 99.9% sure I had all pullets. Today they are just over 3 months and Ive been noticing the same white chicken mounting one of my older brahmas. I've noticed this on multiple occasions to the point of fall off, so now im assuming my pullet is a rooster even know there not a large comb or tail. So whats the latest someones had a rooster go without crowing at all and at what age will this roo be fertile?
Pictures? Males have pointy hackle feathers, and do start crowing at some point, which varies a lot. I've got a cockrel who's 22 weeks old and no crowing, and had a Fayoumi cockrel who started at four weeks! He probably won't be fertile until all the male traits appear (I think). Mary
When I didn't have a rooster, one of our hens would "mount" the other hens. I am not sure why but she did :/
i still think its a female, i'll try and get a pic up later if I can. i never actually seen a rooster and hen mate but it cant be much different then my

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