rooster questions! (polish bantam, cochin bantam)


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I have posted on my polish bantys before and judging from the crest one is a roo and one is a hen (fingers crossed!) my question is...
there is not sign of wattles, not even the slightest red, how old typically, do they start to turn red? mine are about 6 or 7 weeks old. My cochin has a very prominent comb and wattle very red and he is the same age, if not younger.

Also, how young do they usually start to crow?my very "roo like" banty cochin close to the same age and from what I can tell has not attempted to crow. Is it true if you crow at them they will try to crow back? ... sorry I'm a newb!
I have two bantam Houdans that I was hoping were both females, though their crests were a little bit different. I got them at 7 weeks. Now they're about 9.5 weeks old, their crests are noticeably different and one started getting very red in the comb/wattle area about a week ago. I'm thinking it's a he, but we'll see!
I have bantam Cochins and Polish chicks that are all about 8 weeks old. I actually got them in the same shipment, so I assume they were born around the same time.

None of mine are crowing, but the Polish that I believe is a roo started getting wattles a week or 2 ago and they are already getting pretty big. He is also getting a lot of red above his beak that I assume will turn into a V comb. None of my other Polish have this, so I am assuming this one is a roo.

My Cochin roo developed a comb and wattles very early. By the time they were about a month old, I was already suspecting he was a roo. Now it is very obvious. I don't know if he was just an early bloomer or if this is normal for Cochins.

None of mine are crowing yet, but the Polish roo is starting to be aggressive toward the other chicks. The Cochin roo is my "brave" chick. He is not afraid of me or anything else, but he's not the least bit mean. He will be the last to run from me when I get in the pen and the others seem to follow him around a lot. He is a natural leader. Even a larger rooster in the same pen follows him around and my Cochin roo is a tiny little guy.

I will try to get some pictures of them and their little combs and wattles tomorrow. If I forget, you can send a PM to remind me. I am staying up late tonight with my first eggs hatching in the incubator and I have jury duty tomorrow afternoon.
I also have female Polish that I can compare the male to, but I only have one more Bantam cochin and I am honestly not sure what its gender is. (I swore it was a female, but "she" is starting to look like a rooster, too.)
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I have Polish that are 8 weeks old and one of them is developing a very rooish crest. They were all sold as pullets when I got them as chicks. Unfortunately, no one has yet to grow wattles or become red in the face. And the suspected rooster has not been showing any signs of crowing or dominance. I can begin to see what look like flowy sattles feathers and pointy hackles. His voice is just deepening.

This is my first possible Polish rooster. The best I can tell you is that hens develop wattles and redness right at the point of lay. (The breed is notorious for beginning to lay eggs very late. 7-10 months.) You might be waiting for a while. From what I've seen, all of them are different. There are those who look like roosters earlier on and those who do later on.
My little cochin roo is like a shepard dog! they are still in the brooder since they are so much small than all my other chickens but I let them out to play in the kitchen and he will run from one to the other and keep them in check! It's so funny b/c he takes off as fast as he can to catch up to them and skids across the floor! he is a horrible flier but the polish fly very well, it's to cute.

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