Rooster setting eggs...????

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    Aug 21, 2011
    I bought a dozen mixed, unsexed bantam day-olds this spring, and ended up with 3 roosters. One looks to be an Old English Game cock, one is a Red Cochin, and the last is a Black-tailed white Japanese. I lock them up in a chicken tractor at night but let them free-run all day to keep my acreage clear of bugs & caterpillars. The Old English seems to be the top dog, but each of the other roosters claimed a couple hens and spend the days together. The ladies have been laying eggs in hiding places, disappearing for a while each day, and one even overnite once! I found a couple of their nesting places, but knew there must be more.
    Then yesterday a tragedy. Broad daylight a fox came through the yard, plunged into the middle of the flock and killed both of the Japanese rooster' girls. He was only slightly injured, but seemed absolutely traumatized. This morning he disappeared as soon as I opened the pen, so I went looking for him... and found him setting a nest full of eggs in the barn under the haymow. I had never heard of a rooster setting eggs, but know some wild birds will share egg care. Is this common in chickens? Will he set the eggs until they hatch?
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    Quote:No, he won't. However, roosters often "check out" good nesting sites for their ladies, and call them to those spots. Occasionally, they will sit on a nest with eggs, for a time.

    I think your fellow is hoping his ladies will come back..... Poor thing.

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