Rooster severely injured by others(Need Help)


Feb 26, 2018
A few days ago, my small little bantam rooster escaped and crossed the street and ended up in my downstreet neighbors backyard, and it happened to be that my neighbor also had a flock of chickens, eventually I recovered my small little bantam rooster, but I noticed that he was severely injured and bloody, from what seems to be that he was beaten, he is behaving normally, although his injuries look bad, do I need to provide extra care? or will he heal by himself. Also here’s some pictures of his injuries.


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Update: from observation he is acting out of ordinary. I think he might be blinded by one eye? Due to the injuries?
He doesn't look bad at all.
His eyes do not look blind either.

I would say no he doesn't need any additional care by looking at these pictures he should heal just fine on his own.
He has a lot of dried black blood from pecking, but his eyes look clear and undamaged. How is he acting? The bloody spots will heal in time. If your neighbors own a rooster, you may need to keep your little guy in a run where he can’t jump the fence. My bantams could jump straightup 7 feet on top of my coop roof, so they are capable of escaping well.
He is probably acting differently because of the traumatic experience in the other flock, not the injuries, which do not look serious... He may also be a little sore/have bumps and bruises which don't show from the whole thing. I would dust him for mites/lice, since he has been in another flock and give him a few days to recover from his little adventure as a runaway... Maybe you can name him Gingerbread Man! Hope he learned to stay in his own coop...

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