rooster spurs

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9 Years
Jan 17, 2011
My roosters spurs are getting big can I file them down with a nail filer if not can you tell me a way to shorten his spurs
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this really works
i have done it and it is the best way to get rid of them and it really does not bother the rooster
While I held our roo, my husband firmly grabbed his spurs with a pair of pliers and popped them off. Simple and easy. But have a little blood stop powder as they will ooze off and on and turn a dark color or blackish, but this is normal.
I remember when I was a kid (and cock fighting was legal
) some folks my mother worked for had roos. They used a hack saw to cut the spurs. They also had something they put on the cut for bleeding. I was maybe 9 at the time not sure what it was.

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