Rooster that does not crow

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    I have a mix Buff Orp and Black Austrolorp that does not crow. For a long time we thought he was a hen, but recently seen him mount a hen for the first time. This rooster is now about a year old and just started giving us signs he is a rooster. Prances around the hens trying to get them to go in a certain direction, mounting chickens, and now starting to go after our little shih tzu dog. We have had roosters in the past which was a Buff Orp and he was a product of our Buff Rooster and Austrolorp Hen. We hatched about 12. He has spurs, but our question is why is he developing so late, first time we have seen this. Most of the time he just runs around with the crowed of hens, acting like them, but then at certain moments he will show his Rooster side. Really crazy !!
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    Welcome to BYC!

    How many months old is he?
    Is his daddy still around?

    He may just have matured slowly...I think orps can be slower to mature.
    Daddy might be dominant, that can suppress cock/erel activity.
    Now that spring is nigh(if you're in the northern hemisphere),
    his hormones are flowing and he's coming into his own.
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    Got a good picture of him?
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    Just slow maturing I'd say. No two roosters mature or act exactly the same.
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    Feb 21, 2017
    he just slow he will catch up so he can have babes in spring

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